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Your Privacy, Our Policy

Our subscriber list is not for sale. Your privacy is not for sale.

  • You are NEVER required to give personal information. If you fill out a survey and want to give your name, that's fine - but it's not required.
  • You are NEVER required to divulge credit information by our website or any of our emails.
  • You are NEVER required to log in to use our sites, unless you are using one of our alert services or wish to post to a members-only section of a forum or wish to comment on certain restricted blogs.
  • All purchase transactions are handled by our merchants, and their privacy statements pertain to their sites only. Read each merchant's privacy statement before placing an order with that merchant.
  • If you suspect that one of our merchants is not protecting your privacy as their privacy statement says they will, let us know. We will drop our relationship with them like a hot rock.
  • If you wish to sign up for our newsletter, you will receive our newsletter and that's it. Our subscriber list is not for sale. Your privacy is not for sale.

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